Monday, September 21, 2015

You will get better if you PRACTICE!

Hello! Zippy the Circle here! I want to remind you to make sure you practice something you want to get good at! It's true!

However, all of us have different talents, so some of what we practice might be different from someone else.

But the one thing we all can do is practice being better! Being better in the name of the Lord!

1st Peter Chapter 1 in the Bible shows us this principle. We need to practice faith. Then practice goodness. Then practice knowledge. Continue practicing those more, and then practice even more good stuff!


So that we will be our best in our knowledge of Jesus Christ! So that we can actually do something substantial with our lives in the name of God! Read this chapter in the Bible to learn more!

Keep practicing and have a great day!

This post was by Zippy the Circle
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