Monday, August 24, 2015

School is back!

Hi! I'm Jimmy from Forgiveness: The RPG Series. Have you started school yet? What new adventures await? What new things will you learn? It's very exciting!

Make sure to check out the Breakthrough Gaming Activity Center series! No matter what grade you're in, check out the games to brush up on math, geography, letters, words, and spelling to get you ready for the school year!

God wants us to grow and learn more and more. It says so in the Bible in 2nd Peter Chapter 1 Verses 3-11. So make sure to learn as much as you can this year at school, ok?

See you next time!

This post was by Jimmy
Jimmy is a main character in the Forgiveness RPG Series and has other cameos in many Breakthrough Gaming computer / video games. You can get the first game in the Forgiveness RPG series, Forgiveness: The First Chapter, in a boxed version for $9.95 or you can download the game for $4.99!