Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Christians should be ready to do good!

Hi! I'm Kit from the Nik and Kit video game series!

Titus Chapter 3 Verses 1 and 2 remind us that Christians should always be ready to do good to those around them. What kind of good should we be doing?
  • Being respectful to the leaders around us
  • Praying for people
  • Working consistently at what God has shown us to do
  • Being more and more considerate each day
These are just examples of the good things we can do, and there are many more!

Can you think of some more good things to do for those around you?

See ya later!

This post was by Kit
Kit is featured in many Breakthrough Gaming computer / video games. She is a main character in her debut game, Nik and Kit. You can get more information about the Nik and Kit series here!