Friday, May 9, 2014

Axel Talks About: ZJ the Ball 2

Today, I will be talking about the classic game, ZJ the Ball 2! This game continues my adventures!

Breakthrough Gaming released ZJ the Ball 2 in November 2006.

My old friend Nail challenges me to a race around town. ZJ follows me, but the whole thing turns out to be a trap set by Nail! How will we escape? Find out in ZJ the Ball 2! You can watch a trailer for the game below!

You can get more information about ZJ the Ball 2 at the Official Site at, and you can pick up a copy of ZJ the Ball 2 from the Breakthrough Gaming Online Store! See ya next time!

Watch the ZJ the Ball 2 Trailer

This post was by Axel
Axel is featured in many Breakthrough Gaming computer / video games. He was a main character in his debut game, ZJ the Ball. He also has his own series: Breakthrough Gaming Presents: Axel! You can get more information about ZJ the Ball here and Breakthrough Gaming Presents: Axel here!