Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's Easter Time!

Easter 2013 is coming up, and I think this is a good time to remember what it all means.

1 John Chapter 4 Verses 10-12 in the Bible really sums up the meaning of Easter.

At Easter, we remember that God sent his son Jesus Christ to the Earth and that He died and rose again. This scripture really explains the meaning of that:

The verses show that we as people didn't love God first, but that He loved US first. Because of this, He sent His son Jesus Christ into the world to be the sacrifice for our sins. It was to make us right before God. All we need to do believe and accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the ONLY sacrifice for our sins. (See 1 John Chapter 5 Verse 5)

But let's not forget the second part! Because God loved us, as Christians we need to love other people. (See 1 John Chapter 4 Verse 12 and 1 John Chapter 4 Verses 19-21)

So the way I see it, Easter shows us how God loves us and wants to forgive our sin. Then, after we accept His son Jesus Christ into our hearts, we need to love our neighbors. Loving our neighbors shows that God is truly working in us!

Sounds like Easter to me! Have a Happy Easter!

This post was by Clown
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