Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Keep your Goals!

We're heading into the big holiday time of the year! That's right! Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Year 2013! That's a lot!

But in January 2012, I set some goals for myself. One of which was to exercise more! It was tough to keep the goal up, and sometimes I forgot to exercise. And some days I just didn't do it. But I kept remembering the goal, and instead of stopping because of one mistake, I came back the next day and had a great workout!

(Having Breakthrough Gaming Gym as part of my exercise routine helped keep the fun in my workouts!)

You might have made a goal for the year, and you might have stumbled along the way. However, we're just over halfway through the year and there's still time for you to finish your goal!

Make sure to ask God to help you, because He is always ready to help people that call on Him! (Romans Chapter 10 Verse 13)

This post was by Clown
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