Friday, August 24, 2012

How to Worship God Right

What is the correct way to worship God? Through music? Through prayer? Through works?

I've seen many churches as I've traveled with all the people from Forgiveness: The RPG Series. When we go to a new city, we always make sure to go to church. Some worship services are slow, some are fast, and there are some churches that don't have worship at all.

As a new Christian, this was very disorienting. I didn't know which way of worship was the right way.

But then I remembered what Jesus said in John Chapter 4 Verses 23 and 24, which was that we need to worship God in spirit and in truth. So when I started to come to church with a spirit of thankfulness, the "right worship" came out.

Remember that God is listening to the words that we speak. If I remember that and sing to God, I always "worship right." When I pray, if I remember God is really hearing me, I will always "pray right." If I remember that God sees the works that I do, I will always "work right."

Remember to worship God in spirit and in truth!

This post was by Esther
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