Friday, April 6, 2012

It's Easter Weekend!

This weekend we celebrate Easter. Easter is the time when we celebrate the fact that Jesus Christ rose from the dead after being crucified. (Luke Chapter 24 Verse 7)

Why is this important to celebrate? It's because Jesus Christ was God's son, and God sent his son into the world to teach us how to live right and seek after God. (John Chapter 3 Verses 16 to 21)

God allowed him to be crucified to show the world how much He loved the world. Jesus died on the cross to give us a path for forgiveness of our sins. (Galatians Chapter 1 Verses 3 to 5)

Then God raised Jesus from the dead to show that after we die, if we trust in Jesus to forgve our sins, God will raise us up too and allow us to live in Heaven forever. (Acts Chapter 26 Verses 22 to 23) (Romans Chapter 10 Verses 9 to 13) (Romans Chapter 8 Verses 1 to 2)

That is Easter. That is why we celebrate!

Happy Easter Weekend!

This post was by ZJ the Ball
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