Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Facts about the Bible?

I remember I heard a hint about a video game that I was playing at my school playground. My classmate said that if you jumped in a certain place in the game, something special would happen! So I ran home as fast as I could to try it out! (After school was out, of course!)

I got to the same point where he was talking about and tried exactly what he said, but the special thing didn't happen! I tried for hours, but nothing happened! I followed the instructions exactly but it didn't work...

My classmate was wrong about the game. But then, I started from the beginning and just played the game myself. And guess what? I found all kinds of cool things in the game! It was great! (I was playing Zippy the Circle!)


The same thing happens with the Bible. Many people SAY certain thigs are in the Bible, or that the Bible tell us to do this or that. But it very well might be wrong! And if you never go and check for yourself if it really is in the Bible, you could be believing the wrong thing! Not good!

I encourage you to read the Bible yourself! Read it in a way so that you understand what it says!

It's ok to hear other people talk about what the Bible says from a reliable source, but make sure to always make reading the Bible for yourself a priority! You will learn a lot about God that way! Then you can share what you learned from the Bible with others in a clear way!

Isn't that great? Have a great day!

This post was by ZJ the Ball
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