Thursday, February 10, 2011

Show Love By Your Actions!

I remember in ZJ the Ball I wanted to do something nice for my mom because she is such a great person! I wanted to show my love to her with some action!

Make sure you do that everyday! As you say you love others, do something to show it! The Bible says to not just say we love others, but to show it with our actions. Read about it in 1 John Chapter 3 Verses 11 to 24, specifically verse 8!

God showed love for us by His actions, too. We make mistakes all the time, but God wanted to forgive all our mistakes for all time by sending His Son Jesus Christ to die in our place for our mistakes. It says so in John Chapter 3 Verse 16 in the Bible!

Make sure to show others how much you love them by your actions! Have a great day, everyone!

You can also check out the trailer for ZJ the Ball below! Enjoy!

Watch the ZJ the Ball Trailer

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