Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why Thank God at Thanksgiving?

Hmm. That's an interesting question:
Why thank God at Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is coming up and you're probably going to hear lots of people in church saying "Thank the Lord this Thanksgiving!" But why? Why thank Him?

We'll first off, you need to thank God everyday! But that's pretty obvious, right? :)

I bring up this question because I have a very strong answer for you: We should thank God at Thanksgiving because of his mercy!
Here's why:

Thanksgiving marks the start of a trio of holidays: Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years. Lots of celebrating is going on. To see another new year is an obvious blessing, but the sad truth is that within all this celebration, people are going to forget about God. They are going to forget the one who gives us the freedom to experience joy.

The even sadder point is that lots of people involved in churches will forget about God. Imagine that!

I own the hotel in Providence City (as seen in Forgiveness: The First Chapter). I will be giving Christmas bonuses to all our workers this year, just like every year. It's because I appreciate all the work they did that year! And every year, all of staff comes and gets me a special gift. It's always a suprise! I never seem to guess what they are going to give! It's cool, too, because at the end of the year we have a Christmas party and exchange gifts as well! It's a great time!

But what if one of the workers takes the check, then doesn't say thank you. That would make me very sad. I'd be mad, too!

I'm sure when people forget to thank God for the blessings he's given them it makes Him sad. But here's the thing that AMAZING: Even when we forget to say thanks to God and honor him, He continues to bless us!

Even with all the bad things in the world, God continues to make the sun shine, make the rain fall, keeps the earth rotating. God continues to bless us! Don't believe me? check out Matthew Chapter 5 Verses 43-48 in the Bible. It says that God continues to give to us as people, no matter if we are following Him or not.

That is a perfect reason to thank God at Thanksgiving! He continues to be merciful to us, even when we do wrong!

So here it is: So why not acknowledge Him right now? Thank Him for the blessings! Acknowledge that you are a bad person and do bad things, and then accept what Jesus did on the cross when He died for your sins!

Then go on and check out the Bible to learn new things about God and life!

Have an amazing Thanksgiving everyone! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to prepare my special pumpkin pie! See ya later!

This post was by Clown
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