Monday, August 2, 2010

Axel Talks About: Breakthrough Gaming Bounce!

In today's feature, we will be talking about the classic game, Breakthrough Gaming Bounce!

After the release of ZJ the Ball, Zippy the Circle, Forgiveness: The First Chapter, and Nik & Kit, Breakthrough Gaming Bounce! was released in July of 2006. This game featured all the main characters from those first four games. (including me, Axel!)

Paul, from the Forgiveness RPG series, made a machine that created new game levels based on all our past games. In each of these new levels, we needed to bounce both characters and items through themed levels to complete the tasks! Sometimes you had to collect all the coins, defeat all the enemies, or find all the keys. 24 levels are waiting to be played in this game!

You can get more information about Breakthrough Gaming Bounce! at the Official Site, and you can pick up a copy of Breakthrough Gaming Bounce! from the Breakthrough Gaming Online Store! See ya next time!

Watch the Breakthrough Gaming Bounce! Trailer

This post was by Axel
Axel is featured in many Breakthrough Gaming computer / video games. He was a main character in his debut game, ZJ the Ball. He also has his own series: Breakthrough Gaming Presents: Axel! You can get more information about ZJ the Ball here and Breakthrough Gaming Presents: Axel here!