Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Summer 2010 is here!

Summer is here!

School is ending and the summer months are just about to begin! You might be deciding to go on a vacation this summer, but you might be hanging around the house, too! Or maybe a little of both?

I wonder what the kids of Ark City do during break? During the events of Forgiveness: The Second Chapter, the Ark City school was closed for summer break when Jimmy and his friends were in the city.

Whatever you do, make sure to try to become a better person this summer!

Maybe you aren't as quick about cleaning your room when your parents ask you to. (I know I sometimes forget to clean my room!) Maybe you have a friend who needs some help. Maybe you need to be the one to give that help? Maybe you want to finally learn to play the piano. You could work on it this summer!

If you are a Christian, you should always want to be better! You won't be perfect at anything, but you can always try to be a better person, right?

In the Bible, at Verse 12 of Chapter 3 in the book of Philippians, it talks about this same thing. We aren't perfect, but we should keep trying to become the person God wants us to be! God gave us special talents that we can use, and the ability to help people. We should keep perfecting those skills!

Let's do it!

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