Thursday, February 25, 2010

Clown's Favorite ZJ the Ball Levels - Part 1

My work at Breakthrough Gaming includes being a main character in the Role-Playing Game series Forgiveness. I'm here with my first big, Breakthrough Gaming Blue Muliti-part Article Thingie! I'm going to be taking about my favorite levels from the ZJ the Ball Series! Here we go!

The City
from ZJ the Ball

It's the level that starts of the very first ZJ the Ball game, so it's pretty special! ZJ is on his way looking for something in the city, but along the way meets Axel for the first time! You can pick up the ZJ the Ball video game at the Breakthrough Gaming Online Store!

See you next time for another of my favorite levels from the ZJ the Ball Series!

This post was by Clown
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